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2011-07-03 14:03:01 by lgnxhll

hi im stumped

2011-03-15 15:30:48 by lgnxhll

I think that i need a good animation idea


2011-01-23 17:18:49 by lgnxhll

Im working as a concept artist for an mmo

Things i want to do this year

2011-01-02 17:13:19 by lgnxhll

This year i want to :

-make a flash game
-find a girl thats right for me
-finish the school year without getting in another fight
-make a flash movie
-be in a succesful collab
-get scouted

any comments,suggestions, or small talk is appreciatedd.


2010-12-31 22:16:49 by lgnxhll

Happy new years .

ill lend a hand

2010-12-05 18:13:20 by lgnxhll

I wanna get back in the game.
If anyone needs and artist/animator ill do it for free.

got bored. made this in pivot

ill lend a hand


2010-11-18 20:43:57 by lgnxhll

Me and my x are freinds again

Im stuck

2010-11-14 17:31:24 by lgnxhll

ex girlfreind trouble look at comments on preveious post.(help!!!!!!)

Almost there

2010-10-19 17:54:00 by lgnxhll


MyDay Collab

Soon i will put it all together and release the (POLISHED)
myDay Collab.
It will be released at the begining of december.
Thank you to everyone involved, I may not be the best organizer but you guys stood by me and thats why nomatter what your the best crew.


2010-07-28 12:59:39 by lgnxhll

Rising Up

I dont hold a candle to people like seething swarm or yotem but i got an award.
That said im hoping people will check out my profile and check me out.
And thats exactly what happened im becomeing a bit more respected , but as i said im no-where near my artistic goals of being like newgrounds most inovetive artists.
To be honest i probly never will be but hell, im going to try.


I am currently occupied with my samll entrie for the rollcall collab and last but not least my own collab.
My teams effort is going smoothly thanks to redharvest for getting the thread pumped up.
Also i want to thank sirreginald for his artistic and inpiring part starting the story with style.
onions XD and markylyne(MIA) also have their hands in this so i have a lot of faith in my team and their increble devotion to the collab.